We appreciate your hard work, your enthusiasm and your smile while giving lessons. I especially enjoy your classes very much and hope to see you more often.

NgocBich Linh

Megan is a great teacher and makes Zumba even more fun!  She has been teaching at Holiday Park for a couple of months now. All of us are over 55 and not afraid to speak our minds but she likes us!! Zumba Gold at Holiday Park is Zumba Gold+. It is not as slow paced as regular Zumba Gold but still low impact and the music is at a slightly lower tempo than regular Zumba. Megan has come up with some great choreography for our class and has a variety of routines so we don’t  get bored. She has a great sense of humor.  She is the first Zumba instructor I have had who has tried to learn our names and that makes it a more personal experience.

Debra Frederick

Megan, as a new participant in Zumba classes I have to tell you that your encouragement has made me feel right at home.  I think the rythem and speed is perfect and I can feel a difference in my endurance already… Thank you for your helpfulness and pleasant personality.

Pat Gross

I am enjoying your leadership and your personality.


I have been taking Zumba classes taught by Megan since this past March.  First of all, Megan is always punctual–attendance sheets available to sign in, music on, and a cheery voice calling out, “let’s get started.”    She greets everyone and makes a point of learning all participants’ names.  During the dances, she gives clear verbal and hand cues and she will demo various moves before a dance or during when she sees that the  participants are having difficultly catching on.   Megan frequently says, “you’ve got it” during a dance giving the class a vote of confidence.  She always interacts with participants during her classes–adding a personal touch.  Megan welcomes music suggestions from participants; she definitely wants to please.  I love her enthusiasm and high energy; Megan is a motivator and always makes her classes fun.  I was going to sign up for only one summer Zumba class at Holiday Park but then I learned that Megan was the instructor so I immediately signed up for two! I’m looking forward to continuing Zumba classes this fall taught by Megan … through the Montgomery County Department of Recreation.

Claudette Hamerski

Megan has been teaching Zumba Gold and Toning at Holiday Park since the spring. Her classes are delightful because of her personality, which she expresses while she’s teaching. She makes an effort to know each member of the class, and she makes the classes lots of fun even while we are working so hard. The dances she teaches and leads us in doing are interesting, fun and varied, and even more important, at the end of each class I feel that I have worked every part of my body. She even taught us how to shimmy, which I’ve always had trouble doing, and how to move our hips. She’s a wonderful instructor.

Toni Greenfeld